The National Project

The National Project was born out of a desire to explore the wilds of America. It was born with the need to understand myself as an American and my relationship to its changing landscape.

As of August 2016, there are 413 units that fall within the National Park System, yet there are only 59 officially designated national parks that fall within the United States and its territories. As of September 2016, I have managed to complete 19 parks. Over the last few years since starting this project, the National Park system has come under threat; political pressures to revert the designated lands back to state or private ownership, ecological changes as a result of human impact, as well as financial pressures applied to the parks due to the recession of 2008 have led many to wonder how long these majestic places will remain. 

My goal is simple: to take at least one nude self portrait within the park's borders. Some may be more challenging than others, but my hope is to complete the project within the next ten years.

This is currently an ongoing project. All rights reserved 2014-present